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Posted by fifkin_dim on 2013.10.21 at 14:40
Ура, товарищи!
Плед довязан!

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Posted by fifkin_dim on 2013.06.25 at 11:12
Зачем я за это взялся? - понимаю, что круто будет иметь 6 (!) и 5 (!) одинаковых пледов.
а если потом их продать...огого)))
Дизайн авторский. придумывается на ходу.
буду рад сотрудничеству по тестдрайву моих новых вещей))

под катом фото больше

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New things I'm adding!

Posted by creativecharmer on 2013.06.03 at 14:24
New in my etsy shop :)


Posted by fifkin_dim on 2013.03.20 at 13:06

Думал что же будет актуально в лето (кроме плавок, конечно)))
Надумал феньки. А че?! - феньки на память - то что нужно от легких курортных романчиков)

под катом фото больше
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Оригинал взят у fifkin_dim в Розыгрыш новогодних ёлочных украшений ручной работы от Fifkin_Dim

Cyber Monday is coming!

Posted by creativecharmer on 2012.11.25 at 09:18
With Cyber Monday knocking on the door, I thought that I'd restock a little. I have a whole bunch of new little gnomes in stock! They are perfect little stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season :3




Posted by verolim on 2012.08.29 at 00:27
That's decided to open a shop handmade plywood.
Decorative shelf
Welcome to visit at http://www.etsy.com/shop/MagicPlywood

Here you will find accessories for your own home. It only handmade by technology, where about 100 years.


Posted by creativecharmer on 2012.06.30 at 22:54
Hello everyone! I've recently stocked a whole bunch of new and unique crocheted items in my shop. I have a bit of an overactive imagination so I make everything from eskimos to top hat wearing octopi! Feel free to check it out :D I've just now added a crocheted hedgehog who would certainly love to find a home :)

And actually we’re having a Christmas in July Sale at my shop! 15% everything in my store! Great chance to stock up on some cute and quirky presents :) Enter code: JULYCHRISTMAS12

Crocheted Hedgehog


Fairies World

Posted by enlyyl on 2012.05.08 at 11:08
New "Fairies World" Treasury on Etsy! Feel free to spread the word and share with your friends! (⌒-⌒) .。.:*☆
Ondine Choker available on Etsy  

Posted by winjimir on 2011.10.27 at 09:25
Tropical, Blue Colors, and Patterns, Art Skrap, Recycled Paint, Hair Barrette, OOAK, Cool, Funky Very Unique Green Earth, Upcycle.

Click pic for details.

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